What do you sell?

1) our bin items are all overstock, return, or refurbished items. we buy in truck loads to pass the saving to our customers. Typically on our $9 days you get items that are usually 5-10 that cost. Every day prices get cheaper as the higher amount items get sold during the weekend. Regardless even on our $1 day ( yes, anything in bin is one dollar) there is awesome deals( or as we say Stealz). We restock this every week with new items we get.

2) Furniture, Mattress, Rugs, and other home accessories : these items are all brand new and from top quality companies. We guarantee we will beat any prices in town!! And yes, if we have it on display we have the item in stock!!!

Where are you located? we have two locations both at White Oaks Mall, Our main location has both indoor and outdoor mall access near Green Hyundai across from Texas Road house. This is the only place you can actually wait the line as we will open doors as soon as mall opens rather than having our customers walking around the mall to get to us. This location has ALL your bin items and limited furniture. Our second location is Only for Furniture and Mattress that is located on the other side of mall, ground floor next to Macys.

Can we open boxes to see what is inside? Absolutely NOT, we have a opening box and test station that our staff will help with this. If you are seen opening anything you will be escorted out if you cannot comply.

Payments accepted ? we take cash and all major credit cards.

Why are there long lines before opening? All our Bin items come on a weekly basis, so if its not in the bins we do not have it anymore. So its a first come first serve. Its just like Black Friday deals, So our lines is because whoever puts items in their carts its theirs.

What are line Rules? we want to stay safe, professional and kind. So if your in line its your spot, but you cannot hold anyone other persons spot. keep safe distance away from non-family members. No smoking in line. If you leave line, you have to go back of line.

What if I have a front of line pass? we offer these on a weekly basis with our Facebook lives and we will show you how to win them and many other items, even cash sometimes. IF you have a front of line pass you just wait near the front. Before we open our doors we will let any first pass customers in before anyone else.

Returns and Refunds? So for any Bin items or VIP items their is absolutely no returns or exchanges as these are overstock items. What about furniture ? Our Furniture is all new, we do consider exchanges depending on situation but NO returns.

What is financing policy ? We work with a few third party financing companies. we have NO control over who they approve. However, usually its very easy to get approved as long as you have a job that pays you monthly to a banking account. Please come into the store and we will try our best to get you approved. applications usually take less then 10 minutes.